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Webley Powapell .177
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Product Description:

The Webley Powapell .177 is the brother to the .22 calibre Powapell, the .177 flies faster and flatter. It is the favoured choice of Field Target shooters who exclusively use .177 Accupell or Premier for F.T.
These shooters require the same 7.9 grain pellet flight characteristics and therefore scope settings of their match rifles, but need extra long range penetration for hunting. We regularly hear of sub half inch groups at distances of 55+ yards!

Like their rounded head cousins Accupell, Powapell use a 6-step production process. They are individually created from a single die set and the profile integrity is strictly maintained throughout the quality control inspections. Ideal for tough skinned quarry.

The .177 Powapell is the no.1 hunters choice for precision adult air-rifles with tightly choked barrels. There is 500 in the pack.

Webley Powapell .177

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