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Heckler & Koch P30 Green .177
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Product Description:

At first glance, the P30 CO2 looks like another pistol designed for an 8-shot pellet cylinder magazine, but closer examination reveals a unique feature: The All-in-One magazine houses the CO2 capsule as well as the steel BBs. This gives you the choice between 15 steel BBs or 8 pellets, depending on how you want to shoot.
Whether you like plinking with BBs or precision target shooting with pellets, the CO2 variant of the H&K P30 lets you do both, combining fun and precision.
Other highlights include a DA/SA trigger system with a de-cocking lever and a manual pressure safety catch.
Magazine Capacity: 8/15 shots
Velocity:    394 fps
Overall Length:    180 mm
Weight:    770 g

Heckler & Koch P30 Green .177

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.177 Steel BBs:

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