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Air Arms S410 TDR Take Down Rifle .177/.22
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Product Description:

Full specification performance - in a takedown format
The Air Arms S410 TDR is described perfectly by its name. First, it's an S410, then it's a Take-Down Rifle and that order of priority is deliberate and essential. The TDR is a specification S410 hunting rifle and it's fitted with every feature that makes this rifle a worldwide best-seller. The difference being, the TDR is an S410 that can be taken apart in seconds and packed into its compact carrying case. The TDR packs down with its scope fixed, so it stays in perfect zero, ready to be assembled in less than 20 seconds to provide that renowned S410 performance.
Perfect for those situations where discreet, convenient transportation is required. The TDR;s custom case becomes a backpack, allowing anyone to take it anywhere a truly effective sporter is needed.

This is a hunting rifle with everything you need and nothing you don't. The S410 TDR is built around the chassis of a rifle renowned for its qualities as a hunter. No performance feature is reduced and nothing is compromised to turn the S410 into a takedown rifle. Right from the first design brief meeting, it was decided that the only acceptable standard was that of the S410 itself and everything followed that brief.
What emerged from the development process was a two-piece sporter with a quick-detachable moderator, which is stowed securely inside its custom fitted, semi-rigid case. Assembling the TDR's action consists of simply locating the butt section into the rear of the action then fixing it via the knurled thumbwheel. Until the rifle is fully assembled, its action remains inert.
The real test of any takedown rifle is that it handles and shoots like a full-specification sporter. When you put an Air Arms S410 TDR to your shoulder it feels like you're shooting one of the world's finest sporters - because that's exactly what you're doing.

Magazine Capacity - 10 shot magazine
Fill Pressure - 200
Shots per fill - 40
Maximum Power - Up to 12ftlbs
Trigger - Two stage adjustable weight & length
Stock - Walnut ambidextrous
Overall Length - 1060mm
Barrel Length - 395mm
Weight - 2.8kg
Silencer - Included

Air Arms S410 TDR Take Down Rifle .177/.22

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