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Paint Grenade
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Product Description:

Make way for the next level in PAINT and FRAG grenades with the new Field Paint Grenade MKII and Field BB Grenade. We have listened to your suggestions, selected the best and put them into action.

For both products the grenade shell has grown, so much so that the old grenade fits inside! The last shell looked great, but new shells looks l'couilles de chiens.

The FRAG grenade now carries a huge volume of clay pellets, giving the product more weight for improved throwing distance & increased spread range.

The PAINT grenade has a new design of bag inside, improving the overall weight of the product, but more importantly carries even more paint, 3 times more paint! So beware if you are within 10 metres of one going off if you are in your white wedding dress!

We have made both products as biodegradable as possible, the FRAG grenade is very popular with both PAINTBALL & AIRSOFT sites because of it natural clay fill & paper construction, making it 100% bio-degradable

Paint Grenade

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