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Delkim Rx Plus Pro Reciever - 6 LED Vibro Mini Reciever
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Product Description:

All Rx Plus functions

FM RADIO RECEIVER - receives all data from the transmitter (Tx-i Plus or Tx Plus)
VIBRO ALERT with power compensation can be switched off if required
HIGH VOLUME - adjustable from zero to over 100dB with tone adjusted from the Delkim Bite Alarm
UP TO 6000 HOURS CONTINUOUS USE with vibro on using a Duracell MN1604 battery (subject to local radio conditions)
DUAL RANGE SETTINGS - Distant (D) up to 200 metres plus and Local (L) up to 50 metres (subject to bankside obstructions and atmospheric conditions)
PATENTED LOCAL (L) SETTING - maximizes battery life in the face of radio interference
6 CLEAR HIGH VISIBILITY LEDs - Purple, Red, White, Blue, Green & Yellow
ANTI-THEFT ALARM - audible and visual warning of Tx-i Plus switch off
FUNCTION MEMORY - remembers vibro and anti-theft alarm settings
EXTERNALLY OPERATED PROGRAMMING BUTTON - for easy customer programming, takes up to 24 transmitters with no restrictions on colour combination of bite alarms
MULTI-CHANNEL programming - up to 4 transmitters per LED colour
VISUAL DIFFERENTIATION when same colour LED activated
RADIO ACTIVITY MONITOR - with audible and visual warning, advises of any serious radio interference
CONTINUOUS BATTERY CONDITION MONITORING WITH AUDIBLE & VISUAL WARNINGS - informs user of low battery and battery fail in both receiver and bite alarms
EXTERNAL COIL AERIAL - in tough sealed tube
CLEAR COVER - allows switching and visual & audible monitoring without removal for maximum protection
TWO CLIP ATTACHMENTS - for pocket, belt or rod rest, plus additional self adhesive Velcro strip
LANYARD AVAILABLE as optional extra, part of IDENTIKIT* pac
DELKIM Rx Plus Pro 6 LED Mini Receiver P R W B G Y

Delkim Rx Plus Pro Reciever - 6 LED Vibro Mini Reciever

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