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Fox Edges Tools
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Product Description:

Edges Fishing Accessories tools
We have a wide range of accessories to choose from including the following:
Fine Needle
The Fine Needle is perfect for small boilies and particle baits.
Heavy Needle
The Heavy Needle is perfect for larger boilies and harder baits.
Multi Tool
This handy multi-tool features a coating stripper, hook, point and a hook tensioner.
Braid Blades
These bright orange Braid Blades scissors are designed to be highly noticeable to help prevent accidental loss, whilst the sharp serated blades will cut through the finest hooklength materials and braids.
Bait Drill and Cork Sticks
Ideal for balancing or popping up hookbaits.
Braid Blades XS
With saw teethed blades the Braid Blade XS will Cut easily through: Braid, Nylon, Hard Mono,
  Steel Wire (Single & Multi-strand) & Titanium
Needle Set
This high quality needle set contains:
- 1 x Stix & Stringer Needle
  - 1 x Fine Needle
  - 1 x Heavy Needle
  - 1 x Gated Needle
  - 1 x Splicing Needle
Gated Needle
The Gated Needle is perfect for splicing 45lb Submerge and general hook baits
Splicing Needle
The Fox Splicing Needle is designed to neatly splice loops onto leadcore or 30lb Submerge leaders
1.5mm Nut/Pellet Drill
The 1.5mm Nut Drill is perfect for drilling fine holes through the centre of any hard bait from trout pellets through to nuts, air dried boilies and floating pellets
Stix and Stringer Needle
The Stix baiting needle has been designed to make easy threading of PVA sticks directly onto the hooklink. It is also invaluable as a stringer needle and features a 135mm steel shaft with a hinged gate closure. This allows the hooklink loop to be pulled through the PVA stick without tearing or laddering the PVA mesh. The needle is set into an ergonomic, soft touch handle to make a durable and versatile baiting tool.
Marker Elastic

Fox Edges Tools

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